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Global UX: Design and research in a connected world
Whitney Quesenbery & Daniel Szuc
(November 2011)
Twitter: @globalux

The Usability Kit
Gerry Gaffney & Daniel Szuc
The Usability Kit


Integrated Approaches to Constant Personal Learning, Improvement, and Maturity

Published: 5 October 2015

Large organizations are complex organisms with different combinations of roles, teams, and departments and are often political in nature. People have personal needs, handle a range of jobs and functions, and have different backgrounds and educations. Organizations employ various approaches, skills, methodologies, measures, and reward structures in accomplishing their goals.

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Toward a Culture of Integrated Practice
Published: 8 June 2015

Frederick Winslow Taylor was a Quaker, so was repulsed by waste. With only a stopwatch and a clipboard, he set about inventing a productivity revolution. Using modular parts made it possible for laborers to specialize, and specialists were quicker to master competencies and to produce widgets at scale.

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Reach: Global Design Research Network


Reach is a network of highly skilled and experienced companies around the world with a deep expertise in design research. Our experience in both design and customer research enables us to seamlessly integrate our research activities in design and innovation processes.

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UX Hong Kong


We organise and run UX Hong Kong.

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